Where to buy what

Where to buy vintage (analog) lenses and cameras:

O=online store, B=physical store, S=international shipping,
πŸ˜€=A good shopping experience

I have not included any stores that have poor online ratings, e.g. Google or Trustpilot.

Used Camera and Lens Search – Searches some stores and EBay



  • Pacific Rim Cameras – vintage cameras and lenses (O/S – Silverton, Oregon)
  • Yashica Camera Shoppe – vintage Yashica cameras and accessories (O/S – Kentucky)
  • KEH – used camera equipment, analog + digital (O/S)



  • One of Many Cameras – vintage camera and lenses (O/B/S – Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Coeln Cameras – rare vintage camera and lenses (O/B/S – Vienna, Austria)
  • Soviet Camera Store – Soviet era cameras and lenses (O/S – Ukraine)
  • Helios Lens – Soviet era lenses, Etsy store (O/B/S – Moscow, Russia)
  • KameraStore – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – Tampere, Finland)
  • VintageLens – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – Baambrugge, The Netherlands)
  • Wide Angle – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Analogue – vintage cameras and lenses (+compacts) (O/S – Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Fotohandel Delfshaven – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – Delft, The Netherlands)
  • Schouten – vintage cameras and lenses (O/S – Soest, The Netherlands)
  • French-Camera – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – France)
  • Oldcam Shop – vintage cameras and lenses (O/B/S – Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Safe Light – vintage cameras, film (O/B/S – Berlin, Germany)
  • Vintage Lens Boutique – vintage lenses (O/S – Brussels, Belgium) πŸ˜€



Please note, do not order anything from MWClassic.com in the UK. I ordered a bunch of things, and after 5 months got a refund from Paypal. I would NOT recommend them. Check out these reviews before buying from them.


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